Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) Overview


HSRP has a brother whose name is VRRP ! As you know we told that HSRP is a Cisco proprietary protocol. The difference between VRRP and HSRP is this, VRRP is an industry standard.

There are just some terminology changes and a little bit configuration differences between them. Let’s check it.

– We are using Active / Standby terminologies at HSRP, at VRRP we are gonna use Master / Backup instead of them.

 We are using standby group at HSRP, at VRRP we are gonna use VRRP group instead of it.

Master router can share virtual IP at VRRP

Dead timer is calculated = hello timer x 3 at VRRP protocol.




SWITCH_A(conf)#interface VLAN 70
SWITCH_A(conf-if)#vrrp 20 ip
SWITCH_A(conf-if)#vrrp 20 preempt
SWITCH_A(conf-if)#vrrp 20 timer advertise msec 100

* Pay attention that we are just setting up the hello timer if we want to set the hello timer up manually. Dead timer is hello x 3 as we have talked before.

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