What Is Console Port ?

console port

There are many ways to control Cisco devices. Some of them are for remote access ( like telnet, ssh etc. ) but what if your remote access is down ? You need to connect the device again ! This is why we need console port. Console port of a switch or a router provides connection when you are at the same physical location with the device. You plug the console cable to the console port of the device and you can connect the IOS by this way.

console cable


  1. Plug your console cable to the router or switch’s console port.
  2. Plug your console cable’s other side to your computer’s serial port. ( You may need a USB converter if you don’t have a serial port )
  3. Open a connection software from your PC ( Like Putty , Secure CRT etc. )
  4. Select “serial” connection and right COM port. ( You can find your COM port by right clicking “my computer” -> properties -> device manager )
  5. Click connect
  6. Click “Enter” and that’s all. You are in the device anymore !

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