cisco ccnp

CCNP All-in-One training includes advanced routing, switching and troubleshooting videos (clarified and illustrated) that will benefit you in preparing for the CCNP certification exam.

This course covers all three exams of CCNP :

1- Cisco CCNP Route (300-101)

2- Cisco CCNP Switch (300-115)

3- Cisco CCNP Tshoot (300-135)

Educational training videos are supported with step-by-step configuration and troubleshooting examples so you can easily understand topics , get hands on experience and you can be a network professional!


To get the most out of this training, you need to have basic networking knowledge (at least CCNA level). To practice, you must install GNS3 or Packet Tracer applications on your computer.


You will get important informations about advanced routing, switching and tshoot. If you want to prepare for the CCNP exam, this course will be a great step for you.


Anyone who wants to prepare for the CCNP exam

Anyone who wants to learn routing at professional level

Register now and build your future with us!


  • Anyone who wants to prepare for the CCNP exam



1_1 Dynamic Routing Protocols
1_2 Network Technologies
1_3 Connecting Remote Locations With HQs
1_4 RIP (Router Information Protocol)
2_1 EIGRP Overview And Basic Configuration
2_2 EIGRP Optimization
2_3 EIGRP IPv6 Configuration
2_4 EIGRP Named Mode
LAB – EIGRP Configuration
3_1 Single Area OSPF
3_2 Multi Area OSPF
3_3 OSPF Optimization
LAB – Basic OSPF Configuration
LAB – Advanced OSPF Configuration
3_4 OSPFv3
4_1 How To Use Multiple Routing Protocols
4_2 Route Redistribution
LAB – Basic Redistribution Config
LAB -Advanced Redistribution Configuration
4_3 Controlling Routing Update Traffic
5_1 CEF (Cisco Express Forwarding)
5_2 Path Control
LAB – Policy Based Routing
6_1 Planning Enterprise Internet Connection
6_2 Single Homed IPv4 Internet Connection
6_3 NAT
6_4 DHCP For IPv6
7_1 BGP Basics And Applications
7_2 Basic BGP Configuration
LAB – BGP Neighbor Configuration
7_3 BGP Attributes and Best Path Selection
LAB – BGP Attributes
7_4 Controlling BGP Routing Updates
7_5 Configuring BGP For IPv6 Internet Connection
7_6 Advanced BGP Configuration
8_1 uRPF
8_2 VRF Lite Configuration


1_1- Basic Switching Concepts
1_2- VLAN and Trunking
1_3- Multi Layer Switching
LAB : Multi Layer Switching Configuration
2_1- Hierarchical Network Design
2_2- Cisco Switch Types
3_1- VLAN and Trunking Applications in Campus Network
3_2- VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)
3_3- Etherchannel
4_1- Spanning-Tree Protocol Overview
4_2- Modifying Spanning-Tree Protocol
4_3- Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol
4_4- Spanning-Tree Stability Mechanisms
LAB : Spanning Tree Configuration
4_5- Multi Spanning-Tree (MST) Protocol
5_1- Inter VLAN Routing Overview
5_2- Layer-2 and Layer-3 Etherchannel
LAB : Layer-3 Etherchannel Configuration
5_3- DHCP on Multi Layer Switches
6_1- HSRP
LAB : HSRP Configuration
6_2- VRRP
6_3- GLBP
7_1- AAA
7_2- Identity-Based Networking
7_3- NTP (Network Time Protocol)
7_4- SNMP
8_1 CDP And LLDP
8_2- POE (Power Over Ethernet)
8_4- IP SLA
9_1- Stackwise
9_2- VSS (Virtual Switching System)
9_3- Redundant Switch Supervisors
10_1- Switch Security Configurations
10_2- Port Security
10_3- Storm Control
10_4- Mitigating Spoofing Attacks
LAB : DHCP Snooping Configuration
LAB : Security and STP Configurations For Access Ports
10_5- VLAN Trunk Security
10_6- Private VLAN


1_1- Troubleshooting Methods
2_1- Structured Troubleshooting
3_1- Structured Network Maintenance
3_2- Network Maintenance Process and Procedures
3_3- Network Maintenance Services and Tools
3_4- Integrating Troubleshooting To Network Maintenance Process
4_1- Basic Troubleshooting Commands
5_1- Specialized Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools