CCIE Program Updates

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  • Cisco’s latest updates to its CCIE and CCDE Expert-level certification programs reflect ongoing efforts to build a workforce capable of moving rapidly and flexibly with the transformation of IT in the digital era. This latest change to the programs introduces an agile and modular approach to exam blueprint revision by instituting more frequent and incremental exam changes. This approach will ensure that CCIE certified professionals are always current in the latest technologies.

    The CCIE Service Provider certification program will serve as the pilot project for this new agile approach. Learn more about the new blueprint agile approach.

  • As Cisco strives to help the IT networking community grow with the right skill sets for increasingly digital job roles, new learning matrixes have been developed to aid candidates in preparing for the Expert-level exams.

    The learning matrixes identify the necessary resources aligned to the domains listed in the exam topics. Visit the Study Material tab within each of the Expert-level exam pages to view the learning matrixes.

The IT jobs of the future are being defined today. With that in mind, Cisco is providing the necessary education for IT professionals to become increasingly more valuable to their employers. The progressive portfolio that Cisco continues to evolve is designed to help you future-proof the IT skills essential to a successful IT career for years to come.

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